Thu, 03/05/2020
On March 5, 2020, Yun successfully passed his preliminary exam!
Wed, 03/04/2020
At the end of Winter '20, Hamed successfully defended his PhD thesis in Mechanical Engineering. Hamed will be joining Gilead Sciences in Foster City, California. Congratulations, Hamed!
Fri, 01/03/2020
Our proposal "Fluctuating sodium in the nervous system as the root cause of fluctuating brain function", in collaboration with Dr. Michael Harrington of Huntington Medical Research Institutes in... Read more
Wed, 12/11/2019
At the end of Fall '19, Brian successfully defended his PhD thesis in Computer Science. After graduation, Brian started his career at Madrona Venture Group in Seattle, WA. Congratulations, Brian!
Fri, 11/22/2019
On November 22, 2019, Professor Petzold was invited to UCLA's Institute for Quantitative and Computational Biosciences where she gave a seminar titled "Cell Polarization and Growth in Yeast Mating... Read more
Thu, 09/26/2019
At the beginning of Fall '19, we welcomed Dengxian (Dara) Yang to the CSE Research Group.
Tue, 08/27/2019
At the end of August, Tie Bo defended his PhD thesis in Mechanical Engineering. Congratulations, Tie!
Mon, 06/03/2019
On June 3, 2019, Ben successfully defended his PhD thesis in Mechanical Engineering. Then Ben was off to New York to begin his postdoc at The Earth Institute at Columbia University. Congratualtions,... Read more
Thu, 03/14/2019
On March 14, 2019, Arya successfully defended his PhD thesis. After graduating, Arya immediately moved up to the San Francisco Bay Area to begin his career at Foresite Labs as a Biological Data... Read more
Fri, 11/30/2018
Congratulations to Professor Petzold who was awarded the 2018 IEEE Sidney Fernbach award for pioneering contributions to numerical methods and software for differential-algebraic systems and for... Read more